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monohybrid and dihybrid cross

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on 28th July, 2011
James Miller
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Monohybrid Cross -

• The crosses so conducted or accomplished by Mendel are called Monohybrid Cross.

• In this plants differ and diverge in their contrasting traits

• Example of Monohybrid Cross: Tall or dwarf, violet-flowered, white- flowered etc

• A cross was made by taking the pollen grains from 1 type of plant to fertilize the egg of the other and then collecting the offspring’s in the form of seeds.

Dihybrid Cross

• Mendel extended his work by including 2 or 3 pairs of contrasting characters in his crosses which came to be known as Trihybrid and Dihybrid crosses.

• The process and practice of crossing remained the same as in Monohybrid.

• The first generation (F1) was self or self- fertilized to give rise to second generation (F2) progeny.

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on 14th April, 2011
A monohybrid cross is a method of breeding experiment done between two organisms that differs in one trait.
A genetic cross between parents that differ in two characteristics, controlled by genes at different loci.Mendal crossed tall round seeded plant (TTRR) with a dwarf wrinkled seeded (ttrr) plant. It is an example for dihybrid cross.
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